AIC implements several programs in the Middle East and North Africa supporting civil and human rights
across the region. Our diverse Middle East and North Africa programs that promote minority and religious
freedoms include:

Cairo Human Rights Film Festival

In 2008, more than three years before Egyptians took to Tahrir Square to protest repression, AIC’s Egypt office launched the Cairo Human Rights Film Festival (CHRFF). he festival aims to highlight international human rights issues and build understanding between cultures, exposing Egyptian audiences to under-reported human rights challenges and underscore the universality of individual rights.

Martin Luther King Comic Book

AIC also translated and distribution of the 1958 comic book “The Montgomery Story” describing the 1958 bus boycott and the power of nonviolence.

Online Activism Institute

AIC’s Online Activism Institute (OAI) is designed help young Middle Easterners enhance their leadership and advocacy skills. The Institute offers free courses on social entrepreneurship, activism, and positive leadership. The Institute also offers materials celebrating individual rights and spotlights activists who have made in impact.

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