6:00 pm
May 14th – 17th, 2012
West End Cinema – 2301 M St. NW Washington D.C. 20037
Foggy Bottom Metro – All Screenings Free
Free Snacks and Beverages

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Since its inception in 2008, the D.C. International Human Rights Film Festival (DCIHRFF) has grown into an annual event that offers free film screenings on human rights topics from around the world, from Senegal to South Africa to Argentina and beyond. Pressing social and civic issues – including terrorism, women’s rights, censorship, political repression, and multiculturalism – come into focus through screenings, panel discussions, and artistic performances.The festival aims to highlight international human rights issues and build understanding between cultures, exposing audiences to under-reported human rights challenges and underscore the universality of individual rights. Our films fulfill a unique, untapped segment where we cover not only the Arab world but the entirety of the Muslim world and our audience is not only the Muslim Diaspora. This year features films such as Incendies and Circumstance.



All screenings are free and held at West End Cinema in Washington D.C.


Monday, May 14 – Opening Feature

6:00pm: Screening of “Circumstance

Iranian filmmaker Maryan Keshavarz’s film chronicles the lives of two sixteen-year-old girls navigating a lesbian relationship in Iran. A suspenseful tale of love and family upended by obsession and suspicion, it is also a provocative coming-of-age story that cracks open the hidden, underground world of Iranian youth culture, where a young woman’s most electrifying passions can become the most dangerous of secrets.

Eventbrite - Screening of "Circumstance"
Tuesday, May 15 – Day Two

6pm: Screening of “Three Veils” 
“Three Veils” is a film about three young Middle-Eastern women living in the U.S, each with her own personal story. Leila is engaged to be married, however as the wedding night approaches, she becomes less and less sure of how her life is playing out. Amira is a very devout Muslim, but is dealing with her deep repressions about her intimate feelings toward women. Nikki is acting out her promiscuity as she battles her own demons after a tragic death in the family. As the film progresses, all three stories unfold and blend into each other as connections are revealed between the three women.

Eventbrite - Screening of "Three Veils"

Wednesday, May 16 – Day Three

6pm: Screening of “Four Lions
A handful of young men set out to take on the decadent West but are more of a threat to themselves than anyone else in this black comedy from director Chris Morris. Omar is a devout Muslim living in the United Kingdom who has decided to form a terrorist cell to bring forth a jihad against a culture he believes is dominated by the sinful and ignorant. However, Omar isn’t much of leader, and he’s assembled an unimpressive team of fellow terrorists, among them Waj, who lacks the brainpower to come up with ideas or direction on his own; Faisal, who is shy and doesn’t have much to say; and Barry a recent convert to Islam who tries to make up for his lack of practical knowledge with fierce passion. As Omar and his comrades debate both doctrine and methods, they ponder such notions as using birds as explosive devices, creating video communiqués with a hip-hop flavor, and attacking mosques in an effort to provoke nonviolent Muslims. But are Omar and his partners a legitimate threat to the safety of Great Britain, or just four half-bright twentysomethings with more bluster than imagination?

Eventbrite - Screening of "Four Lions"

Thursday, May 17 – Closing Feature

6pm: Screening of “Incendies
When their mother’s will implores them to deliver letters to the father they thought was dead and a brother they never knew about, twins Jeanne and Simon journey to the Middle East and attempt to reconstruct their family’s hidden history. Adapted from a Wajdi Mouawad play, director Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated drama flashes back to intense scenes set during the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s.

Eventbrite - Screening of "Incendies"