niloofarziaeNiloo has long been an advocate for free expression in her native Tehran. As a young artist in 1980s post-revolutionary Iran, her home was as an underground sanctuary for musicians, poets, playwrights, and artists with no other space to create openly. She has served as head art teacher for Tehran’s Academy of Art and Literature, working with Aydin Aghdashloo and Ghazaleh Alizahe. In 1998, she moved to US to study at the Graduate School of Utah State University. After finishing her studies, she was hired as Gallery Coordinator in Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art in Utah.

In the past, Niloo has used abstract expressionism to explore her inner states and emotions. More recently however, her paintings have included more and more figurative elements. Driven by a sense of urgency to document the rapid architectural and environmental changes currently undergoing in Tehran, her paintings have taken on more “objective” sensitivity. By using dynamic landscape and architectural compositions, her paintings strive to document the
architectural and environmental changes cities undergo and to communicate the sense of loss – and the excitement and possibilities – that accompany these changes.

Niloo’s latest work connects the architecture of her home country to the American cities where she has lived, from Utah to Massachusetts. Learn more at Niloo’s website: