The Manara Campaign (MANARA) is 2017 Project Nur initiative that is a response to a politically, culturally, and socially evolving nation; it is a call to action in light of new challenges and opportunities that present themselves under new American leadership.

MANARA, meaning "lighthouse" in Arabic, aims to be a beacon of light amidst sentiments of fear, division, and disenchantment.  MANARA calls for progressive advocacy, pluralism, and justice.

The campaign's goal is to build mutually safe, secure, and stable communities across America through initiatives that illustrate our common humanity.  Project Nur students will act as agents of change on issues that are present on campuses and within the communities surrounding universities.  Through events and media campaigns, our students will serve as channels of communication within their communities and serve as a voice for marginalized Americans.

"America is approaching a new era where there is a fragmentation of American society that needs rebuilding. This campaign supports such efforts while providing a clear framework for action and results."

Zainab Al-Suwaij, Executive Director