On August 1, 2014, the “Citizenship Academy Project: A Coalition for Tunisia” was launched by OVC (Will and Citizenship Organization) and American Islamic Congress. This pre-election voter awareness campaign aims to encourage the participation of marginalized groups such as women and youth living in the south of Tunisia and rural remote areas.


Through this national coalition among civil society organizations (CSOs), this common strategic plan for a pre-election voter campaign focuses on capacity building activities in order to empower women and youth to promote active citizenship in their local context as well as an awareness campaign to encourage participation in the election process.

These trainings took place between September 3rd and September 10th and the awareness campaigns took place between October 11th to October 20th. The campaigns will continue during the Tunisian presidential elections from November 5th to November 22nd.

Click here to view the Citizenship Academy Project’s Facebook page and here for the Citizenship Academy website.