IOWA CITY, Iowa, April 9, 2012 – Nidhal Guessoum wrote on the science and religion blog Irtiqa about his role as the Keynote speaker at AIC’s Science and Islam event at the University of Iowa. He discussed the “Cosmology and Qur’an” panel, in which he pointed out that cosmology – historically a field of mysticism – has been incorporated into the realm of science.

What place then for theology/Islam or even philosophy? Here I argued that although cosmology is produced by science, humans still need to construct a “worldview”, which cannot violate or disagree with the scientific findings, but which interpretation can be open to fit one’s philosophy or theology; in particular, it can be theistic or materialistic. I gave examples of how contemporary thinkers have taken one route or another in this way.

Read Nidhal’s full remarks on Irtiqa.


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