AIC live tweets all events. Follow us and join in at @aicongress. Here are a selection of tweets from Martin Luther King’s civil rights legacy and the Middle East.

AIC ‏@aicongress “It goes back to love your neighbor, even though your neighbor is wrong,” -Russell Campbell speaking on passive resistance @ AIC today.

AIC ‏@aicongress I didn’t realize we had made this difference. I didn’t know that the words had gone from Montgomery to Mecca. – Russell Campbell

AIC ‏@aicongress We took 100s of volunteers out into streets of Cairo, using the same methods as Dr. King, to teach people about their rights. -ZAS

AIC ‏@aicongress We honor those who led the way 4 us who brought us where we are 2day. It is honor 2 continue their work & cont struggle on global scale. -ZAS

AIC ‏@aicongress Audience moved to tears as Russell Campbell, #civilrights veteran, tells the crowd that he’s part of our struggle in #MENA today too.

Kaleigh Elizabeth ‏@KaleighFinn Really enjoyed the @aicongress presentation of the Montgomery Method and how it can be used in the Middle East.