As the semester is coming to a close we would like to inform you about the revitalization of our video competition. Participants will have access to training videos, as well as technical advice on how to make the video!

The themes that we would like you to incorporate into your (45-120 second film) are:

  • Responding to bigotry and racism
  • Countering hate crimes and violent extremism
  • Catalyzing civic engagement

You will be competing with your fellow Project Nur members on your campus, and chapters across the country. We will decide 10 finalists after the submission of video concept proposals. There will be ultimately three winners:

1st place: $1,000 scholarship

2nd place: $500 scholarship

3rd place: $500 scholarship

The three winners will be allowed to post their videos on YouTube, on our website, and other media platforms. The goal is to reach 50,000 viewers through the videos. The chapters that winners are affiliated with will receive a small grant to host an event on their campus that engages both the local community and the student body on the above-mentioned MANARA issue areas, with a target of 250 attendees per event.

Training videos plus technical advice will be available throughout the competition timeframe!

It is now for all college students across the USA, please feel free to share with your colleagues!

For more information, email Project Nur Coordinator:
Rowa Kodi at