AIC sees participation in the American democratic process as the best way to demonstrate a commitment to American values and establish a voting base to participate on issues to institute a positive outcome for American Muslims everywhere. We encourage participation in the democratic process through voter registration, constituency building through our Interfaith Councils, and participation in a number of coalitions.

Voter Registration, Constituency Building and Civic Engagement

AIC engages the American Muslim community, encouraging participation in the democratic process by voter registration, constituency building and civic engagement.

AIC acts as a civil rights advocacy hub by providing a forum to openly discuss the current and pertinent issues that relate to the American Muslim constituency.

Voter Registration

AMC Vote is the first multifaith interethnic outreach voter registration program designed to mobilize the American Muslim constituency to participate in the democratic process and be heard. The pilot program is being conducted in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and the model will expand nationally to major metropolitan areas.

AIC will launch a project to register American Muslims to vote in three major cities in the United States. The cities are Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York City. These cities were selected due to their substantial populations of American Muslims. The project will recruit local volunteers and outreach to community organizations in order to register American Muslims in their network. These volunteers and contacts in community organizations will be in consideration by AIC to be potential council members in their respective cities. They will be trained to carry out the task to register American Muslims in their network as well as their community for the 2012 elections. This project is a nonpartisan endeavor that will not endorse candidates or any political party for elections.

Constituency Building 

AIC represents the American Muslim constituency on local, regional, and national issues and improves representation on Capitol Hill. AIC enlists constituencies of families, youths, educators, businesses, policymakers, civic groups, and citizens to support specific policy reform. These constituencies, in turn, develop leadership skills to shape public discourse and affect policy.

Present outreach campaigns are being conducted to the: African American, Pakistani, Egyptian, Albanian, Afghani and South East Asian American Muslim communities, with more target communities to follow.

AIC does this through continuous representation on Capitol Hill, building and maintain contacts, participation on coalitions and the drafting of position and policy papers.