“Tahrir Square Revisited: Local Egyptians Reflect One Year after Mubarak”

Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00PM  
AIC Center – 38 Newbury Street, Boston

 One year ago, Egyptians from many walks of life took to the street to protest repression and ended up toppling the country’slong-time ruler in a matter of days. To mark the anniversary, local Egyptians of diverse backgrounds (Muslim, Jewish, and Christian) share their personal stories of enduring repression, how they experienced events as they unfolded last year, and how they now view the future of their native country. Voices on this special interfaith panel will include eyewitness accounts from Tahrir Square, as well as rarely heard testimony of the Egyptian Jewish experience. Presented in conjunction with AJC as part of the “Witness” series. RSVP to reserve seats via events@aicongress.org or (617) 266-0080.


“Maghreb Nights Intercultural Mixer”

Friday, January 20th at 6:30PM 
AIC Center – 38 Newbury Street, Boston

 Cover: $5 

Don’t miss the debut “Intercultural Mixer” of 2012! This month’s networking event is themed “Maghreb Nights” and features thearts and culture of Morocco. Highlights include Moroccan drumming, dancing, and a photo exhibit by Brandeis University’s Wajida Syed. Enjoy light refreshments, stunning views of Boston, and hip crowd. RSVP (required) and get your ticket today.


U.S. Premier of Award-Winning Syrian Underground Film “Beeshu”

Saturday, January 21 at 4:30PM
AIC Center – 38 Newbury Street, Boston

Daring young Syrian filmmakers, toiling in anonymity in a Damascus basement, have crafted an award-winning film critiquing with bold humor the brutal repression occurring around them. Because showing their faces could lead to detention or worse, the filmmakers instead use their hands. Their ingenious finger-puppet show mocks a quasi-sacred figure in Syrian society: turning President Bashar Al-Assad into a puppet named Beeshu (a diminutive for Bashar) in a spoof of classic Punch and Judy sketches. “Beeshu” (43 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles) was produced in November as an entry for AIC’s “Eye to Heart” film contest. It soon became a viral video sensation among Syrians online and won an award at its debut screening last month at the Cairo Human Rights Film Festival. Don’t miss the US debut of “Beeshu,” which will include a post-screening appearance (virtual) by the filmmakers, who must remain anonymous as they are still inside Syria. Free and open to the public. Suggested $5 donation. RSVP to reserve seats to events@aicongress.org or call (617) 266-0080.