In 1958, the Fellowship on Reconciliation published a short comic book called “The Montgomery Story” in English and Spanish, on the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a campaign led by Martin Luther King, Jr., to end segregation on buses in the Alabama capitol. The comic book ends with a section on “how the Montgomery Method works,” outlining essential techniques of nonviolence. On the 50th anniversary of the comic’s initial publication, AIC released new Arabic and Farsi editions, distributed via the Internet. After overcoming several challenges by the local censor, several thousand copies were first printed in Cairo in 2008 and have been distributed to young activists across the region. The Washington PostNPR, and other major media outlets have credited the comic book for helping spark nonviolent activism during the Arab Spring. Read the comic online by clicking on the image below or download PDFs of the ArabicFarsi or original English version.





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