BOSTON, March 5, 2012 – Mix the rhythmic modalities of Middle Eastern makam with classical jazz elements and what do you get? A musical combo as perfectly-paired as peanut butter and jelly. On Saturday night, March 3, the always-satisfying DUNYA ensemble served up course after course of tasty jazz fusion to a packed house at the AIC Center.

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, on vocals and a vintage Rhodes keyboard, played maestro while a bassist, drummer and trumpet player rounded out the quartet. They riffed, they skatted, and they reminded us that jazz and Turkish music together – when whipped up just so – prove more than the musical sum of their parts.

Seconds, please!

This is just the first in a DUNYA concert series at the AIC Center. Be sure to see them at the AIC Center for more shows this Spring – including the premier of an all-new original jazz composition by Mehmet Sanlikol.