On November 21-22 at the Public Library in Gabes, the American Islamic Congress, in partnership with MEPI Alumni Local Chapter Tunisia, Will and Citizenship Organization and the Ambassadors’ Institute for Citizenship association, held training sessions for “Be the Eye,” an initiative that aims to train civil society activists in election monitoring. These individuals are able to conduct election observation missions thereby enhancing the transparency and credibility of observed elections.

Twenty-three participants were selected to attend the training and be observers on November 23rd, 2014. Two trainers, Ms. Meriem Belhadj and Ms. Fatma Amri, who are certified trainers by the League des Electrices Tunisiennes (LET) association, provided the two sessions of recapitulation for the observers and reporting techniques. They also trained the selected trainees on how to trace and report violations before, during, and after the electoral process. The workshops covered legal frameworks of election monitoring, understanding the right and duty of voting, the mechanics of observing elections, reporting violations and surveying.

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