The Times Literary Supplement recently reviewed “Arab Spring Dreams”, edited by AIC’s Nasser Weddady and activist Sohrab Ahmari, along with five other books analyzing the Arab Spring.

From the review:

‘Arab Spring Dreams was written by those with the most at stake, people under the age of twenty-six living in places where conformism and obedience pass for cooperation … The authors describe the gratuitous daily obstacles and humiliations that state and religious institutions lay like traps to break spirits and discourage initiative. A couple in a park holding hands is interrogated by police, women are forbidden to drive cars, students questioning scripture are awarded a lower grade. Some of these young writers possess more clarity than all the pundits combined. “Our world is falling apart because our will is weak”, writes a twenty-five-year-old Egyptian; “we lack the will to share in each other’s humanity.” ‘

Read The Times Literary Supplement’s review of six new books about the Arab Spring, including Arab Spring Dreams here.

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